Tips for Creating Engaging Ramadan Marketing Content

As Ramadan approaches, of course, you need to start making a business plan and find the right marketing strategy to get more profits and increase sales (sales growth). One of the marketing strategies for the month of Ramadan that you should maximize is to create Ramadan marketing content.

As we know, content plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of prospects or potential customers. In fact, good content will also help maximize your planning and marketing strategy during Ramadan.

Because as the month of Ramadan approaches, the hype or public enthusiasm tends to increase significantly. Therefore, you must apply these tips to create interesting content. The goal is for your marketing campaign strategy or marketing campaign to run efficiently and optimally.

What are these tips? Here is the review!

Tips for creating marketing content for Ramadan

Basically, there are different types of marketing strategies that you can apply to welcome the month of Ramadan. One of them uses the internet and social media platforms.

You can use social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok to maximize social media marketing, social media branding and social selling. Besides, you can also use email marketing and company websites, social messaging like WhatsApp and Telegram for marketing.

However, you should know that the most important key to using these different marketing platforms is the idea of ​​the content. Indeed, interesting content will attract the attention of prospects much more easily than “mediocre” and “as is” content.

Usually, the target market will like different content based on their respective demographics. However, surveys show that the majority like content that is entertaining, educational or educational, provides (informative) information, can provoke emotion and empathy, and is insightful or inspirational.

You cannot generalize to your entire target market with this type of content. So first you need to do market research, social media market research and segmentation to identify your audience.

Perform an analysis of which types of content get the highest engagement metrics (engagement rate, SoV, to reach, and impressions). This way, you will know what type of content you should maximize.

Here are some tips for creating effective content marketing for Ramadan:

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1. Content of the marketing campaign containing elements of Ramadan

The first tip you need to do is to create campaign content that contains elements of Ramadan activities. Launching from Hyped Haka, enjoying the variety of activities and the sacred nature of Ramadan are tips for creating effective content.

Indeed, the majority of the public will focus on the activities of the month of Ramadan. Thus, they will be more easily interested in the marketing campaign that your company is carrying out.

Examples of marketing campaigns that contain elements of activities during Ramadan are tarawih prayers, almsgiving, preparing iftar menus, etc.

2. Use symbols that reflect the month of Ramadan

The next tip is to use symbols that are identical to the month of Ramadan. For example, lanterns, crescent moons, mosques, etc. This symbol is indirectly useful for representing the meaning and message of what you want to convey through the content.

Thus, the same Ramadan symbol will make your content fresher and more attractive. Therefore, be sure to include this symbol of Ramadan in your brand guidelines during the month of fasting.

3. Increase visual content

Content Marketing Ideas for Ramadan

According to Google data, more than 41% of Internet users prefer to enjoy visual content during the month of Ramadan. Indeed, the public has a lot of free time and take advantage of this time to relax so as not to get tired quickly during the month of Ramadan.

Moreover, the public also tend to use their free time during Ramadan to open social networks and enjoy photo or video content. Therefore, create visual content in the form of attractive marketing images or videos.

These tips have also proven effective in increasing your engagement rate.

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4. Pay attention to the keywords you use

Then you can’t ignore the use of keywords. Be sure to do keyword or keyword research first. You can search with free tools or use Ubersuggest.

Make sure the keywords you use are in line with the needs of the target market. Indeed, when launching from Criteo, the majority of the audience tends to search for content and products via search engines during Ramadan.

Therefore, marketers must be able to apply the right keywords to display product quality.

5. Create mobile-friendly content

This point is very important for you to pay attention. Because according to a CNN survey, the public’s habit during the month of Ramadan is to shop and watch content through mobile devices.

There was an 82% increase in online purchases through apps during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, almost 63% of the audience choose to shop via mobile phones and only 9% via laptops during Ramadan.

This shows that you need to create mobile-friendly or mobile-first content. The goal is for your content to make users feel comfortable using it, as well as creating an effective user experience.

6. Create insightful and emotional content

You can also create content that evokes the emotional (emotional marketing) as a marketing strategy during the month of Ramadan. Try creating storytelling-themed content. Build brand trust (brand authority) through a story that can grab your audience’s attention.

Why should you consider this strategy? Indeed, customer emotions and empathy are one of the most influential factors for purchase decisions in the marketing funnel.

In addition to arousing customer emotions, today’s content marketing, which can be both educational and insightful, will be more effective in marketing. That’s why 70% of customers tend to be interested in making a purchase after seeing educational and inspirational content during the customer journey.

These are tips for creating content marketing that you can apply during the month of Ramadan. Consumer behavior that tends to consume during the month of Ramadan can be a great opportunity for you to promote products and increase your sales.