The best and most effective marketing campaign strategy for businesses

Basically, all marketing strategies aim to draw the attention of prospects to the product or service offered by your business. However, this differs from a marketing campaign strategy which has more specific goals.

Usually, companies conduct marketing campaigns or marketing campaigns when they have certain business goals and targets. For example, to increase brand awareness, launch new products (product launch), improve brand image and corporate image, increase customer feedback and engagement metrics, analyze brand sentiment and increase conversion rates.

To achieve these goals, you need a different marketing campaign strategy. Through the following article, we will review the best and most successful marketing campaign strategies that you can apply for your business.

What is a marketing campaign?

According to Hubspot, marketing campaign strategy or a marketing campaign is a promotional strategy that aims to achieve certain goals in a specific business. For example, increasing Instagram engagement rates, increasing sales (sales growth), attracting the attention of leads or prospects, controlling market share or market share.

You should know that the marketing campaign itself is actually not the main branding or marketing strategy of a brand. Instead, it’s part of the marketing strategy and marketing plan your business executes. For example, companies that run special campaigns for seasonal marketing, such as online shopping days, Hari Raya promotions, etc.

However, this does not mean that the campaign is not an important part of marketing activities. Instead, marketing campaigns become the spearhead that influences the other stages of marketing. For example, a campaign that aims to increase brand awareness. If this campaign is successful, prospects will know more about the product and have a chance to convert you into a buyer.

Meanwhile, businesses can conduct marketing campaigns with various media. Digital and traditional marketing campaigns. For example, through email marketing, social media marketing, social messaging, digital advertising (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, to Google Ads), television and radio advertisements, holding events, the use of flyers and billboards.

Marketing Campaign Benefits

As explained above, businesses can adjust marketing campaigns based on business goals. But overall, this marketing campaign activity can provide the following benefits:

1. Improve brand image

The first benefit is to improve brand image or brand image. Because by running a marketing campaign, your business can increase brand awareness so that the brand becomes more popular.

Especially if your business has its own unique selling point with its tagline, slogan and value proposition. catchy. Thus, it is not impossible that your brand will quickly become viral and be known to as many people as possible.

An example is the viral marketing campaign of the Apple brand with the slogan “Think different”. The tagline went viral and became a conversation all over the place, which made Apple even more famous. Thus, in addition to the quality of the products, Apple has also managed to stand out by “selling” its slogan.

2. Attract more leads

Another benefit is that marketing campaigns can help businesses attract more leads or quality leads. Logically, if the brand image has been formed and your brand is already popular, then there will be many prospects who will take a look at your product.

These leads are the key to the success of your business. Indeed, you will do lead nurturing in order to convert them (lead conversion) and turn them into potential customers. Along with customers, you will also get profits (profits) and business income from the products sold.

In addition, prospects who are satisfied with the quality of the products may have the opportunity to become loyal customers who will continue to use your brand. If brand loyalty has formed due to customer satisfaction, they can entice or influence other people to use your product.

Thus, you will also get new leads from these loyal customers. This will have a positive influence on the sustainability and growth of your business in the future.

3. Increase sales growth or total sales

The third benefit is to increase sales growth or the number of product sales. This is a domino effect of the two advantages of the previous marketing campaign. If the brand becomes more famous and attracts more prospects, the chances of attracting consumers will also increase. This will therefore also have the effect of increasing sales and profits.

Best Marketing Campaign Strategy

benefits of marketing campaign strategy

Knowing the importance and benefits of marketing campaigns for businesses, what are the best marketing campaign strategies that you can apply?

1. Define the objectives of the marketing campaign

As explained above, a marketing campaign is a marketing strategy with specific or specific business goals. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is first determine the objectives of the marketing campaign. This will make it easier for you to design strategies, topics, and concepts that you will use in your campaign.

For example, your company has just launched a new product and wants to present it to the public. Then you can do event marketing strategies, experiential marketing, or press releases so that many people know about them.

2. Don’t miss the trends

One of the keys to a successful marketing campaign strategy is to take advantage of moments or trends that are currently going viral. Because basically, along with technological developments and marketing trends, the majority of Indonesians are currently experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out). It is the fear of missing out on a particular news or trend.

You can also use it as a marketing campaign concept. However, consider providing a positive image so that your product is not affected if the news that goes viral has a negative connotation. You can monitor trends through market research, social media research, or search engine keyword research.

An example of a campaign strategy you can use is information hijacking or spreading seasonal products. For example, local brand Indomie which released new packaging as a marketing strategy for Ramadan, where the instant noodle brand did not include an image of noodles on the cover. This campaign has gone viral on social media. In fact, many people buy Indomie just to see the uniqueness of the packaging.

3. Think creative and out of the box

As a marketer, of course, you need to come up with a unique and creative marketing campaign strategy. Thus, your campaign strategy will be different from that of other competitors.

For example, currently, many brands are doing campaigns related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to raising awareness, this campaign also aims to provoke empathy and emotion in the community. Interestingly, almost every company has now created pandemic-relevant ads.

Of course, you can’t miss it either and create a campaign with a similar theme. However, make sure your campaign has a difference or feature that sets it apart from its competitors. To do this, you must first perform a competitor analysis or competitive analysis.

By analyzing your competitors, you can find out which unique concepts are different and not replicated by other companies. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Because then the public will more easily remember your campaign.

4. Choose the right marketing channel

The majority of brands, of course, don’t use just one channel to market their products. However, make sure you choose the right marketing channels to run your campaign. Because each marketing channel has a different character. Therefore, first consider the target market and the campaign you are creating.

Find out which media they use the most. For example, if your target audience is mostly millennials who use social media, you can start focusing on creating campaigns on social media platforms. Create interesting, unique and easy-to-remember marketing content for your target audience.

Also monitor campaign results using certain metrics. The goal is to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign strategy.

These are 4 marketing campaign strategies that you can apply to increase the success of your business. With the right marketing campaign, you can also formulate an effective and efficient business growth strategy in the future.

Along with implementing the right marketing campaign strategy, you can also take advantage of the services of a digital marketing agency that can help you grow your business. Some of the marketing strategies that can be implemented are growth hack marketing, inbound marketing, 360 digital marketing and data driven marketing so that the business can grow rapidly.