Permission Marketing: Definition, Strengths and Disadvantages

In the world of marketing, there are different types of marketing strategies that businesses can apply. Among the different types of marketing strategies and marketing plans, the one you need to consider is permission marketing. As the name suggests, the concept of this marketing strategy is to approach prospects (prospects) based on their permission. According … Read more

Definition and Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

Marketing professionals should be familiar with this type of marketing. As the name suggests, this marketing strategy uses various social media platforms. In addition to general marketing strategies such as search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing and email marketing, social media marketing is the best strategy to achieve effective marketing goals to achieve the share … Read more

Marketing communication (Marcom): definition, advantages and strategy

Marketing communication or marketing communication (marcom) is certainly no longer a foreign term. Especially for those of you who are engaged in marketing and sales (sales). Basically, marketing communication itself refers to the strategies companies use to reach the target market in accordance with business objectives. To achieve this goal, the company will of course … Read more

Integrated marketing communication: advantages and applications

Today, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has become a household term in the marketing world. Because IMC is a popular marketing strategy among marketers. Not without reason, it is because IMC is considered the fastest marketing strategy to attract the interest of the target market. In fact, IMC itself is nothing new. Indeed, this concept has … Read more

Benefits and Applications of Cloud Marketing in the Age of Digital Marketing

For a digital marketing professional, an understanding of the best types of marketing strategies in the age of digital marketing will not be complete without discussing cloud marketing. Its role is just as important as email marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, and search engine marketing for the needs of modern … Read more

Definition, benefits and tips to get the most out of it

Speaking of technological developments and marketing trends, it seems that we should not miss discussing mobile-first marketing. Especially considering that with increasingly sophisticated technology, the human desire for practical things is also increasing. That’s why, mobile first is one of the things you need to pay attention to. Launched from thenextscoop, the research shows that … Read more

Definition, Forms, Best Marketing Channels

Have you ever been interested in entering a contest on social media because of the lure of certain prizes? You should know that it is a form of contest marketing campaign or contest marketing campaign. Similar to other marketing campaign strategies, contest marketing campaigns have specific business objectives stemming from the overall marketing strategy that … Read more