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Definition, Forms, Best Marketing Channels

Have you ever been interested in entering a contest on social media because of the lure of certain prizes? You should know that it is a form of contest marketing campaign or contest marketing campaign. Similar to other marketing campaign strategies, contest marketing campaigns have specific business objectives stemming from the overall marketing strategy that … Read more

The best and most effective marketing campaign strategy for businesses

Basically, all marketing strategies aim to draw the attention of prospects to the product or service offered by your business. However, this differs from a marketing campaign strategy which has more specific goals. Usually, companies conduct marketing campaigns or marketing campaigns when they have certain business goals and targets. For example, to increase brand awareness, … Read more

Types, benefits and best examples

Basically, businesses need the type of marketing strategy that fits the budget. Indeed, a number of marketing strategies are sometimes more exhausting and cost money in the process of implementation. Well, for those of you who don’t have an excess budget but want to carry out a marketing strategy to the max, then a guerrilla … Read more

Advantages, disadvantages and best examples of pull marketing strategy

There are many ways for businesses to create and implement marketing strategies. From the use of conventional methods (traditional marketing) to modern methods such as digital marketing and certain marketing technologies. A marketing method that is also very effective is an attraction marketing strategy. It’s like when you go to a mall or similar shopping … Read more

Digital Marketing Funnel: Definition and Stages

Marketing or marketing funnel stages are no longer a new term for us. However, what about the digital marketing funnel? Along with technological developments and marketing trends, digital marketing has indeed become the target of most businessmen as the most effective marketing strategy. Especially given the number of Internet users which is increasing year after … Read more