Advantages, disadvantages and best examples of pull marketing strategy

There are many ways for businesses to create and implement marketing strategies. From the use of conventional methods (traditional marketing) to modern methods such as digital marketing and certain marketing technologies. A marketing method that is also very effective is an attraction marketing strategy.

It’s like when you go to a mall or similar shopping mall to buy item A. But before that, you are looking for the truth about product A at the mall by reading some reviews from previous buyers, which they are good or not.

And it turns out that you find a lot of positive reviews on item A, so you are sure to buy it immediately. Well, you have become the target audience for a successful attraction marketing strategy.

Next, when described theoretically, what is an attraction marketing strategy? And what are the advantages, disadvantages and examples of its application? Learn more in the following article.

Understanding the pull marketing strategy

Simply put, an attraction marketing strategy is a marketing way to create demand generation. Basically, the main objective of this type of marketing is to bring customers or customers to come to the products you are selling.

Later, all the methods you use are also aimed at getting consumers to come and get your products.

Of all the existing digital marketing trends, this marketing technique is suitable for well-known brands. Or if your target consumers already know what type of product they want but haven’t found the right choice of quality products.

Benefits of Pull Marketing Strategy

benefits of attraction marketing strategy

There are many people who use this method other than because it is effective, of course, because this method also has many advantages. Some of the benefits of using an attraction marketing strategy technique are:

1. Create direct contact with consumers

As already explained, this pull marketing strategy will focus on consumers interested in your product. In other words, to find out what they want, you must also research the market or know in advance what they need and want.

This is the beginning of the contact creation that you will make with consumers. From this direct contact, you will understand what your target audience wants.

It will also help you build a good relationship between customer and seller, which is part of the goal of a relationship marketing strategy. This method is also effective in maintaining consumer satisfaction with the products you sell, thus triggering the maintenance of consumer loyalty to your brand (brand loyalty).

2. Strengthen customer loyalty

Direct contact with consumers has the effect of creating and strengthening customer loyalty or loyalty. This is also one of the benefits and advantages of the pull marketing strategy technique.

When your business already has strong loyal customers, the next marketing funnel process will be easier. This is why the marketing pull technique is suitable for brands that already have a brand image and a fairly large consumer base.

3. Establish brand value and product value

For many businessmen, the creation brand equity Where product value is a plus in itself. This not only indicates loyal consumers, but consumers also already consider the products you sell to have a deeper meaning.

If these two things have been formed, it is possible that consumers will always make our products their priority or their first choice. By using the technique of attraction marketing strategy, both of these things are not impossible for you to achieve.

This is also why this technique is suitable for you to connect with potential customers who already know what they want but haven’t found the right item.
When you can provide goods that match what they want, that will be the first step in building brand equity and product value.

4. Have bargaining power to determine distribution

Later, when your consumers are trained, the next advantage you will get is that you can easily determine the distribution channel you will use.

For example, you only sell your products in the official store, or only through the online store. Even as your customers grow in number, you can also consider whether to open distribution channels through retail or work with other parties.

This way, it’s easier for you to acquire the best customers in a way that feels natural.

Disadvantages of pull marketing strategy

Although it has many pros and cons, this pull marketing strategy technique is also not free from several flaws. Some of these gaps include:

1. Limits

In this case, not all products or companies are suitable for using this marketing technique. The main requirement for a product or business that fits this technique is to have high brand loyalty.

This means that this technique is not suitable if your business is a start-up or a just-started MSME. It can be very difficult to attract consumers when they have never seen your product.

2. It takes a long time

The most important thing you need to pay attention to in terms of attraction marketing strategy techniques is time.

Because you have to convince consumers if the product you have is what they want. This step will of course take time.

Moreover, you should also expect consumers to compare your product with other similar products.

This is why this technique requires you to have a clear and well thought out plan. Without a good business plan and a good marketing strategy, this technique can cost you a lot of time for consumers who are not necessarily interested in your brand.

Sample Pull Marketing Strategy

Sample Pull Marketing Strategy

After understanding what an attraction marketing strategy is, and what its pros and cons are, you may also want to know what an example of using this marketing technique is. Here are some examples of attraction marketing strategy techniques:

1. Word of mouth

If you have ever heard people discussing a product with other people, then the other person has discussed the same with other people, then that is an implementation of word of mouth marketing strategy by ear.

This means that other people will be interested in the products you sell because they are interested in previous consumer explanations. With this technique, you are not pushing goods to consumers but attracting consumers to the goods we sell.

This marketing strategy is closely related to referral marketing and marketing advocacy which also influence other people to buy and use the same product.

2. Media coverage

Another example of an attraction marketing strategy technique is getting media coverage. The purpose of an attraction marketing strategy is to build brand awareness about the products you sell.

So, later on, many people will know about your business and maybe interested in the products you produce.

3. Advertising

Another example of an attraction marketing strategy technique is to advertise. Indeed, it takes consistency when you do this one way.

The more often and consistently your ads appear, the more consumers will get to know your product (brand experience). This is what will make consumers interested in the products you sell.

These are things you need to understand about attraction marketing strategy. Usually, the use of the pull marketing strategy technique complements with the push marketing technique as well. Both of these methods can yield great results if performed correctly.

What you also need to understand is that not all cases are suitable for this marketing technique. To get maximum results, the first thing you need to do is identify the problem and the goal.

This technique will suit you when your business growth (growth rate) already has many consumers or customer loyalty has been formed. When you already have it, you will feel the effects of this marketing technique.

In addition to the attraction marketing strategy, you can do a series of ways to attract consumer interest and grow your business with the latest marketing strategies. From Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Growth Marketing, Inbound Marketing, 360 Digital Marketing and Data Driven Marketing.

If you are unfamiliar with applying the above marketing techniques, you can enjoy the best digital marketing agency services in Indonesia.